Over the years I've worked on a few projects and recently I've decided to start publishing some of the tools/applications/etc that I've written in the hope that someone else may find them useful. I'm currently working on a couple of other side projects of my own and I've included some details of these below.

I've also included some miscellaneous scripts and tools that I've written. You can find them here.

Current Projects

  • picoSite - A lightweight Content Management System [currently drives this website].
  • picoAlbum - A lightweight online photo album.
  • picoJournal - A lightweight blogging system.
  • picoMVC - Very light Model-View-Controller based framework for PHP5.

Yes, I like using the word pico for lightweight stuff!!

College Projects

Below are some of the the few college projects that I've actually kept.

  • 3rd Year Project - Retro Racers
  • 4th Year Multimedia - CACM Encoder/Decoder
  • 4th Year Project - AHAP