About Me

Hi my name is Mark Grenham and I'm a computer consultant and software engineer from Athlone, a town located at the very centre of Ireland. I graduated from Dublin City University in 2008 with a Honours Bachelors Degree in Computer Applications with Software Engineering. After graduating from DCU I returned to Athlone to expand an IT solutions company that I co-founded in 2006, Avova.

I've an interest in Internet & Network technology, Embedded Systems, Low Level Programming & Operating Systems, Open Source (FOSS) and UNIX. On a non-technical/computing front I've interests in motorsports, photography, watersports, film, music, socialising & of course extreme ironing.

While at DCU I was a member of the DCU Networking Society (Redbrick), DCU Film Society, DCU Game Soc and DCU Beer Appreciation Society. I'm also a member of the Midlands Linux User Group (MiLUG) & PHP User Group Ireland.

That's pretty much it for now, I'll add to it as I go along.